Our YouTube Channel -Death to Analysis Paralysis

We’re proud of our YouTube channel even though we know it needs improvement.  The channel is for parents who want to become bilingual with their children.

We started it on the very day we decided we wanted a YouTube channel, which was January 1, 2019.  If we waited until we learned how to photograph, edit videos, stage scenes, and  apply make-up, we would have procrastinated until we gave up on the idea.  If we decided to only post excellent videos from the start, we never would have gotten started.  We couldn’t let ‘analysis paralysis’ stop us this time.  We just had to jump in and learn-as-we go.

So far we’ve posted videos of simple and free activities to try at home, and some playlists of other people’s content

We are getting better at making videos by the day.  Thank you to our viewers and God bless our subscribers.

Here’s one of our videos.








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