Women’s Lib and Language Learning

I admire the work of many men who work in the language learning sphere; The Antimoon creators, Khatzumoto, Matt vs Japan, Steve Kaufmann, and Steven Krashen.  I intended to use their ideas to get my family bilingual and I wanted to help other mothers make bilingual families.  I have a background in children’s education and I wanted to start some local businesses, such as a Spanish immersion summer camp and preschool.  I am not aware of anyone who has ever done this kind of thing.  I was excited about being a pioneer.

Lowered expectations

My older children and I are progressing in our language skills, but the younger children aren’t progressing much. I did not organize a Spanish language learning summer camp for this summer.  Honestly, I have not been putting enough time into this language learning project to keep it moving forward at a good pace. I’m too busy.

What am I busy doing?

  • I have a lot of dirty dishes to wash.
  • I cook from scratch daily.
  • I homeschool my children.
  • The laundry!
  • The baby!
  • The housework!
  • And I just started to learn to do some really cute hairstyles.

Image result for 50s housewife

A fantasy housewife wearing heels and a shiny dress while cooking

It’s traditional woman’s work that’s kept me from working on my language learning project very much. I have the option to get out of doing so much woman’s work. I can stop having babies, put the kids in public school and day care, and I can let the Totino’s Pizza Roll factory cook dinner for them.  Then I’ll have time to be a boss babe and get my business off the ground.

Image result for woman in business suit blue

A fantasy boss babe.  You go gurl!  Slay! Lol!

We all know that radical feminists wouldn’t want me wasting my intellect and talents on the drudgery and oppression of being a housewife.  Traditionalists would say that my family needs me, and the work I do to take care of them is so valuable that I must continue.  “A woman’s place is in the home.”

Moderate feminists would say it’s my choice.  I should do what works for my family and makes me happy. I think that’s a cop out. Almost every time someone claims two options are 100% equally fine, they lack the backbone to take a stand on the issue.

  • Home cooking OR school lunch and Hot Pockets?  It doesn’t matter.
  • Christian homeschool OR public school? Flip a coin.
  • Long hair and dresses OR green buzz cut, facial tattoos and piercings? Do you.
  • Stay home with the baby and breastfeed OR use formula and day care? Don’t start The Mommy Wars!

I’m going watch Steve Kaufmann and Matt vs Japan have more and more success in this movement. My language project progress is so slow that it is a possibility I will never get halfway close to the success they have.  If I never reach near-native fluency, like Matt, if I never make a buck, and never manage to make a impact in the language learning world, so be it. I have my home to take care of.

It’s a duty and a pleasure.

Image result for 50s housewife

A sexy sock darning picture.  Hee hee.


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