Can I Blow Your Mind? – You’ve been trying to do things in the wrong order

Don’t wait until you are fluent before you listen to Spanish.  Listen to Spanish to become fluent.

Don’t wait until you are fluent before you read Spanish.  Read Spanish to become fluent.


  1. take Spanish classes
  2. be fluent
  3. and then listen to Spanish and read Spanish.

Classes will never get you fluent!  You can stay in Spanish classes for 100 years and you will never get to step two.  

This is the correct order:

  1. take Spanish classes if you want to (optional step)
  2. listen to Spanish and read Spanish
  3. be fluent

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It’s a mind blowing idea.


You can gain vocabulary by hearing and reading words used in context.  You already know a language that is very similar to Spanish – English!

See the source image

You can get the general gist of some Spanish right away through context.

If you keep listening and reading, you will be able to get the general gist more often, and the meaning will become clearer to you. I promise you that when you start to speak, your pronunciation will be okay for a non-native speaker. And things to say will pop into your mind instantaneously. Immersion isn’t the best way to become fluent- It’s the ONLY way.


 How to begin to read Spanish

Classes are not the way to become fluent!  Read this.

How to find materials to immerse yourself in Spanish. See this.

Get children fluent through reading and listening. Watch this.




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