Everyone Can Get the Gist of Movies With Spanish Audio

Have you ever watched a movie that you couldn’t hear?  Perhaps it was in a noisy restaurant, or you were on a flight and you didn’t have earphones.  You missed some things, but you got the gist of the movie.

If you can get the gist of a movie with NO audio, you can get the gist of movies with SPANISH audio.

“I can’t watch Spanish movies.  I can’t understand anything!” you say?  It would be more accurate to say, “I can’t understand everything.”  You can see the visuals, you can hear the emotions in characters voices.  You can understand quite a bit, but you can’t understand everything.

What if you hate it when you don’t understanding everything?

You may want to take Spanish courses until you are bilingual, and then start to consume media for native speakers.  That will not work because courses don’t make you fluent.  It is possible, to acquire a language without using media for natives, but it is impossible to do so while understanding everything.  The journey to fluency includes time where you can’t understand everything.  It’s unavoidable.

‘Be okay with’ not understanding everything

and one day you’ll be able to understand everything.





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