Watching movies in a foreign language is annoying!

Through the magic of the internet, you could watch a foreign film every day to acquire a second language.

Pop some popcorn, put up your feet and press play.

It will only be a matter of minutes (or seconds!) until you are almost not paying attention to the dialogue.  You are annoyed by it, so that’s proof you aren’t completely ignoring it.

So much incomprensible blabbing!

Your ears will thank you when you turn off the movie before you wasted 15 whole minutes of your life on it.

Yuck, how could you enjoy a movie with the English sound off, and all that noise in it’s place?

I don’t know how the AJATT and MIA crowd can stomach watching hours of anime before they understand Japanese.  Watching shows in a foreign language you don’t understand is annoying to most people.  If it doesn’t annoy you, then you are fortunate. I encourage you to dive into foreign movies.

For the rest of us: let’s wet our feet regularly.  We’re not ready for full immersion.  Let’s watch ONE Peppa Pig episode.  They are only a couple minutes long, not a tiresome 20 minutes.  If we watch one a day, eventually, we’ll get used to the language and be able to stand more.  Eventually we’ll feel like moving on to 20 minute cartoons like Lazy Town.

Let go of your idea of watching authentic foreign films!  You overestimated how hard it is to listen to them.  You aren’t at that level; You are at preschool cartoon level.

Image result for peppa pigPeppa Pig

Her crudely drawn form and snorting laugh is less annoying than authentic foreign film.  The episodes are short.  They repeat words, and show what they are speaking about.  You will probably be able to get the gist of the episodes right away.

Image result for lazy town

I know it is embarrassing, but we all start somewhere.  You are like a baby in foreign language.  The songs and dialogue-free parts where the characters flip around Lazy Town will prevent you from tuning-out altogether.

One day we’ll be able to watch your old favorite movie dubbed in our target language. One day we’ll be able to watch anything in your target language. Take baby steps to get started.



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