All Japanese All The Time – AJATT

By Cinnamon Williams

You know how some late-adolescent, socially awkward boys like to stay to themselves and play on their gadgets all day?  Well if they switch all the gadget-play to Japanese, they will learn a second language.

A young man in America learned Japanese in less than two years by immersing himself in Japanese TV shows, making flashcards, and reading.


That’s him.

Isn’t that impressive!  He got a job in Japan and after some months of living there he filmed that video.

Has it sunk in yet?  He did the impossible!  He learned to speak Japanese, the hardest language for an English-speaking person to learn.  He learned it as an adult in America.  He never took a Japanese course, yet learned the language in less than two years.  He claimed anyone could do the same thing.

You’ve heard that only children under 12 can pick up new languages well.  You’ve heard that you have to move to a foreign country to learn a language.  You heard that you must take a class and study grammar textbooks.  What you heard was untrue.

His method is based on Antimoon‘s, but more extreme, so he called his method All Japanese All The Time (AJATT).  He blogged about it and many of his readers followed his advice and became bilingual.  At the end of this post there is a link to a video made by one of his followers speaking Japanese.

It’s not a scam.  It’s not a lie.  It’s real.  It works.

AJATT’s developer, who goes by the name Khatzumoto, had a loyal following. He didn’t make any money off of his followers, at first. He didn’t teach Japanese, but gave advice for how to learn. All his advice was free.

But then things got shady

Then he started selling an expensive service called SilverSpoon-Neutrino, with the promise of fluency in a year and a half or your money back.  SilverSpoon-Neutrino was supposed to have insider secrets, but it seems that the secrets didn’t amount to much, because the language learning method was already laid out in full on the blog, and there were no great secrets to share. When his underwhelmed customers, asked for refunds, a year and a half after the program premiered, Khatzumoto failed to refund their money and he disappeared from the interwebs.  He is rumored to live somewhere in Japan.

This is a scandal!

All the old, free, good AJATT content is still on his blog.  Go there and read for free.  As of the date of this post, he is not selling anything off his blog, but just-in-case he starts to, I warn you:  Do not give him your e-mail address or credit card number.

You can learn from his old, good content.

His posts are very motivating.  If you feel like giving up learning a foreign language, read his blog.  If you have doubts about immersion, and you think grammar drills are a better use of your time, read the blog.  Most of the posts are applicable to learning any language, so even if you don’t aim to learn Japanese, read the blog.

…unless you can’t put up with stumbling across a post which is not G-rated.

At times the writing sounds like how a college student speaks.  For instance, on one of the first pages of the AJATT blog it asks you for your email address (do not give it) and says, “Spam [a crass phrase here]. And your privacy matters, dawg. Your email address will never be shared with third parties.”

except, he put in the crass phrase

Most of the posts are free from this kind of thing.

Here is a page explaining what AJATT is.  Here’s the AJATT blog.

Click here to hear one of Khatzumoto’s followers speak Japanese

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